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About Swift Loans

Swift Loans is one of Australia’s most popular alternative credit providers with  loans ranging from $200 to $2,000 and loan terms of between 1 and 4 months.

A Leader in their Field

Swift Loans can easily be considered one of the most popular alternative credit providers in the country and when it comes to speed, efficiency and great customer service they are clearly leading the way.

An Informative Website

It’s easy to find the answers to your question on the Swift Loans website and you can easily get hold of them if there is something specific you need addresses.

They are very open and forth coming with regard to everything from how much they will charge for a short term loan to their timeframes and approval criteria.

A Streamlined Online Loan Application

Swift Loans has one of the simplest and fastest online loan applications in the country and everything is done 100% online.

In order to get a loan you will have to link your banks statements to their system so they can verify that you can afford the fast loan. They do not accept scans, emails or faxes with bank statements.

What Swift Loans can offer you

Swift Loans is a short-term loan provider offer you loans from $200 to $2,000 over either 10, 14 or 18 weeks.

How much does it Cost?

For a 10 week loan you will be paying a once off application fee of 19.99% and an account fee of 3.95% per month. This rate is slightly lower than other short-term loan providers.

No Early Repayment Fees

With Swift Loans you can easily make extra payments on your loan or, repay your loan early without being charged any penalty fees. That means you can save on interest or on that monthly fee too!

Six Simple Steps to a Loan

After you complete your online loan application Swift Loans will then review your 90 day bank statements, verify your identity and run a credit check.

Once they are certain of affordability you will quickly be notified of your approval by telephone. You will then get a link via email which will direct you to your loan offer.

After you confirm your loan  they will then credit the funds to your account. Finally your repayments will be taken out of your account via direct debit.

In a Nutshell

  •  Loan minimum $200
  •  Loan maximum $2,000
  •  Interest rate A 19.99% application fee and an account fee of 3.95% per month and a maximum APR of 115.12%
  •  Loan term minimum 10 weeks
  •  Loan term maximum 18 weeks
  •  Average processing time 60 minutes
  •  Online application
  •  Unsecured loan option
  •  Bad credit consideration
  •  Early repayment

Get an Affordable Loan Online & Cover that Emergency!

One of the best things about Swift Loans is that you can get a loan in under an hour on the internet.

They are fast and efficient and that’s the reason that so many people choose to use and recommend them.

Get Credit Online

You can complete an online loan application to get a personal loan at any time of the day or night that suits you from anywhere!

Your loan will however be processed only during their business hour which are extended to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Existing Customers

Existing customers can apply for a short term loan in seconds just by accessing the Member Login area. This means you do not have to go through another loan application to get a loan – it’s yours instantly!

Are you Able to Apply?

If you are a permanent resident or citizen of Australia, are over 18, and have a stable income then you can apply for a loan with this lender.

Although it’s easy to qualify you will also have to provide 3 months bank statements to them so that they can check your income, expenses and avoid lending to you if you already have any payday loans.

Eligibility & Requirements

  •  Employed full-time
  •  Self-employed
  •  Earning a stable income
  •  Credit check
  •  Bank statements

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