About Timelio

Timelio is a marketplace lending platform that allows Australian businesses to sell their invoices from governments and large corporations to online investors.

Invoice Financing that Beats Factoring

Timelio is a successful mix between a peer-to-peer lender that offers personal loans, an alternative business finance provider and a company that offers factoring.

How Invoice Finance is Differs from Factoring

Invoice financing from Timelio is different to regular factoring because you do not have to offer up all of your invoices – only the ones that you want to and that will benefit your business.

In addition, as a P2P marketplace the fees you’ll be paying will be significantly lower than that which you’ll incur with a traditional factoring firm.

Our Founders and Passionate Team

Founded by Charlotte and Andrew Petris, Timelio is a small and growing business finance marketplace that offers small Australian businesses the liquidity they need to stay afloat, keep operations running smoothly and grow.

They’re Fast, Secure & Innovative

The Timelio platform is highly streamlined, neat and user-friendly. In addition, they’ve incorporated some of the latest and most innovative platform, safety and security features which is evident by the ease at which you can complete a registration and get credit.

What Timelio can offer you

Timelio is an invoice finance lending platform that allows eligible Australian business owners to sell their invoices to investors who are looking to gain above average returns than banks and other regular investment specialists offer.

Although very similar to factoring it is much more flexible and also falls into the “peer-to-peer loan” category since investors bid on the platform to “buy” invoices from borrowers.

They’re Filling in the Gap

While the banks don’t pay much attention to the little guys and looks for reasons to reject their application for credit at every corner, high tech start-up Timelio has found a major gap in the market and is filling it up FAST.

Invoices from $10,000 Onwards can be Financed

You can finance any invoices that you want to and you can get up to 100% of the value of any invoice provided that it amounts to $10,000 or more.

Simply see what past borrowers have to say about them and you’ll certainly be impressed enough to give them a try!

For smaller invoices you can contact their team who will be very willing to combine them for you and let you make it to the bidding phase.

In a Nutshell

Invoice Financing via a High-Tech Marketplace Lending Platform

Business loans and business finance in general is very complex and is made even more difficult by the large banks who are unwilling to be flexible and help the small and medium sized businesses.

With Timelio start-ups, small and medium sized businesses are able to liquidate their invoices quickly and easily with lower rates and fees.

Why Sell your Invoices?

When dealing with large companies and government departments you may have to wait anything from 30 to 120 days to have your invoices paid however, by using a P2P loan for businesses you can have your invoice paid in just 2 hours.

This increases cash flow to your business and allows you to continue with your operations full speed ahead while cleverly controlling your cash flow. You can also easily afford to finance growth and make your business achieve its potential without slowing down.

Does your Business Qualify to apply?

If your clients consist of big companies and government department, you have invoices of more than $10,000 and, have an Australian owned and registered business than you can use this marketplace lending platform to finance your invoices.

Apply Online and get Approved Fats

You can apply via an online loan application form on Timelio and, once you’ve been approved, your invoices will be funded or “bought” by investors on the Timelio platform.

Eligibility & Requirements

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