About Mozo

Mozo is absolutely one of my favorite comparison websites in Australia. Not only do they list and compare as many products as is practically reasonable but they make it super easy for you to find what you’re looking for by splitting categories into very specific sub categories.

Ensuring you Get High Value for Money

Mozo has been featured in many major media outlets and sites including Money Saver and 9 News for its excellence and sheer transparency in helping Australians get more value from the loans, insurance and utility products they use.

The only Comparison Site to Include Business Loans

Of the 7 or so major comparison websites in the country, Mozo is the only one to include a business loan category!

That’s right if you’re a business owner looking for a competitive business finance solution than Mozo is your new best friend – or, your only friend!

The Best Finance Guides on the Net

In addition to including a category that NO other loan comparison site has included, Mozo also offer some of the most informative and comprehensive credit guides on the net with everything from debt consolidation to wedding loans being covered.

What Mozo can offer you

Mozo is one of Australia’s most popular comparison websites with everything from home loans, credit cards and personal loans to energy and investment products – you can find and compare just about anything with them!

Let’s have a Look at Personal Loans

Firstly, you will not be prompted to give any of your personal information to Mozo when you try to make use of their list of loans and cards – which is much appreciated especially for those that just want to find a provider, sign up and get over it.

Once you click on the personal loans tab you will immediately be presented with a list of possible options but –here’s where it gets good – you can select the type of loan you’re looking for by clicking on the tabs they’ve made available.

The personal loans category splits up into:

Remember using Mozo is completely free of charge to you and you do not have to sign up to their platform or give any personal information to make use of their comparison tables.

In a Nutshell

Find the Best Credit Cards, Loans and Insurance Products on the Market!

While many of us may not even give a second thought to our mobile or broadband provider – when you consider all of the products that you and your family makes use of – you’ll realize just how much you could possibly save if the rates you paid were lowered even just slightly.

Find & Comapre the Best

If you’re looking for a car loan, home loans, a personal loan or a credit card making use of Mozo’s loan comparison tables will very likely save you a lot of money.

How Mozo Earns Money

If you decide to use the services or apply for a product which you found and were directed to via Mozo – they will then receive a commission from the lender.

You will never pay extra for using Mozo or for clicking on the “go to site” links that direct you to provider’s sites where you can complete an online loan application.

Top Reasons to Compare

  • See what’s available on the market
  • Find low rate products
  • Get exclusive deals
  • Compare your existing products with newer ones
  • Save time since you don’t have to go out and do any research
  • See what’s new and how they compare

Eligibility & Requirements

Other Products & Services

  • Home loans
  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Car loans
  • Savings accounts
  • Term deposits
  • Bank accounts
  • Travel insurance

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