About Finder is an online loan comparison website that allows Australians to find the best deals on everything from personal loans to mobile phones and broadband.

If you’re looking for a simple and accurate means to find and compare different home loans or credit cards in Australia than using is the right thing to do.

Look & Feel of their Site website is one of the best in terms of look, feel and functionality when compared to the majority of loan comparison websites out there. You can easily find the category you’re looking for in the split top navigation bars and then choose a sub-category from a drop-down menu.

Going Back in Time

According to their website, launched in 2006 and have, in the 10 years since, continuously expanded and improved having added credit cards, savings accounts, home loans and personal loans – in that order, to their site.

Have Comments of Feedback? is not a credit broker and does not allow online loan applications for loans or any listed products on their site. You can, however, easily provide feedback to their team by email or via their site should you wish to comment on something.

What Finder can offer you allows you to compare almost every type of personal loan out there from payday loans to home loans and credit cards.

This wide range of loan types that are compared on their sites makes their comparison site one of the most comprehensive in Australia.

A Full List of Loan Types:

  • Unsecured loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Car Loans
  • Short term Loans
  • Cash Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Business Loans
  • Credit Cards

Why Compare?

Finding a loan online is simply a search away, however, finding the right kind of personal loan isn’t that easy.

Although more lenders means more options, it also means you have to check out hundreds of products to get a complete overview – something very few of us have time to do.

It’s important to compare so that you find a product that meets your requirements and – one that you will actually qualify for.

In a Nutshell

Find the Best Loans and Credit Card Deals Online!

When you’re looking for a credit card all you have to do is make your way to and hover over the “credit cards” tab at the top of the page.

You will then be presented with a range of credit card types from low rate cards to Platinum and Black – simply click on your desired card and you will then be presented with a table of relevant credit cards.

Let’s assume you picked a 0% interest on new purchases credit card and see what tell us about the various cards.

Choosing a 0% Purchase Card

You will then see the different cards presented in the table under the product name along with a little paragraph which summarizes what you’ll get.

The next column lists the various annual purchase interest rates after indicating for how long the 0% offer is valid for.

You will then be presented with the annual interest rate charged for balance transfers – even though you’re interested in a card that offer 0% on purchases – it’s handy to know what you’ll be charged for this.

Finanly you will get to see the annual fee charged, the interest free period and so on.

To compare a select few credit cards simply tick the box on the left of the card and click “compare”.

Apply for your Card or Loan Online

Once you’ve decided which card or quick loan works best for you simple click the green “go to site” tab and you will be directed to the lenders site where you can easily complete an online loan application.

Eligibility & Requirements

Other Products & Services

  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Banking and Investments
  • Credit Cards

Here’s a short video about Finder

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